Sunday, September 18, 2011

Trip to Napa

My friends and I took a short trip to Napa and Petaluma last weekend. We tried several different winery spots, but the best one by far was Robert Keenan Winery in Spring Mountain District of the Napa Valley.
They accept wine tasting by appointment only, and perhaps due to it's location, there weren't too many tourists, making it was a very relaxing experience for all of us.

Since it is located about 1700ft high from the Napa valley floor, we had to drive on a rocky road for a while, but it was definitely worth the trip!

Their friendly dog welcomes you!

We tasted various different white and red wine, and all were sooo good! I bought a really good red wine (I don't know when I'm gonna open it, maybe on my birthday?), but I still wish I can get a magnum bottle someday.

Next day, went shopign to St. Helena Olive Oil.Co. Not only do they sell a variety of high quality olive oil, they also have olive oil-based soaps and skin care items, making it a great place to pick up small souvenirs.

We also enjoyed our picnic in the Calistoga area. The wine and food under the bright blue sky was a really fun experience and thanks to the weather everything tasted even better!
I hope to go back there to enjoy sunny weather and delicious food soon!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Persimmon Denim Tabi

This item is available ONLINE!

Today's customer is Eric, He got a pair of tabi shoes with Persimmon dye, which is hand dyed using natural persimmon juice.
The neutral color is very versatile and looks good with any outfit!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Dan Dan Grey and white

Today's customer is Ferman, who appeared on our blog before. He loved our shoes so he came back to get the second pair! This time he went for the split-toe shoes with Dan Dan pattern. Very bold pattern and great statement shoes.