Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pair from Spain

Jose's shoes is available here and David'shoes is available

Today's customers are Jose and David visiting from Valencia, Spain.

Jose always wanted the tabi shoes from us, but he missed the chance when he was in Japan so he was very happy to find us in San Francisco.

Jose got a pair of tabi shoes with Cherry Blossom and Pine tree, and his friend David picked the pair with the family crest (kamon) pattern. We hope both of you are enjoying the comfort of tabi shoes!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tabi shoes with Persimmon dye

Today's customer is Latonya. She loves Japanese street fashion and she was very excited to find our NEW PEOPLE building!

After getting advice from her sister and her mom, she finally decided on the pair of round-toe tabi shoes made with Persimmon dye. The neutral color dyed from natural Persimmon juice is a really good match for her casual jeans & t-shirt style.

They said they always go shopping together and decide together. It must be really nice to have your fashion adviser with you at all times!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Samue Pants2

Today's customer is Kaoru, He is a professional Taiko/Japanese flute musician. He was looking for something that was both comfortable and suited his Japanese music style. He tried on our Kimono sleeve tops and Samue pants, and it worked out perfectly!
This look is reminiscent of Kimono, but is definitely more modern and easy to wear. Since he also collaborates with jazz musician or contemporary musician too, SOU SOU clothing, another mix of modern and traditional design, will be a great match for his perfomance.

He also tried the pants with our Le Coq Sportif bicycle t-shirt, which looked stylish as well.

You can check out about Kaoru's performance information here.

This pant is available ONLINE!

本日お買い上げいただいたのは作務衣と風靡上。日本の着物ルックですが、着物よりも断然動きやすく、パフォーマンスに向いているかと思います。一緒にご試着されたLe coq sportifのチャリンチャリンTシャツもとてもお似合いでした!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Join us at SOU・SOU Fashion Show Aug 27th!

We are very excited to announce that our first SOU・SOU Fashion Show will be held at the Peace Plaza Stage (underneath the Peace Pagoda tower in Japantown), starting at 1:15 P.M. on Saturday, August 27th!

SOU・SOU Japan CEO and Producer/Designer, Takeyuki Wakabayashi, will join us and reveal the brand new collection of unisex clothing, exclusively designed for the SOU・SOU San Francisco store! This line will be limited to our San Francisco store and the SOU・SOU U.S. online store, something many of our stateside fans have surely been waiting for.

Besides our fashion show, the J-POP Festival will be going on all day! There will be many pop-up booths selling various crafts, street food of all sorts, and tons of live music!

Don't miss this rare chance to see Mr. Wakabayashi and the new SOU・SOU Collection!

外務省との提携によるSOU・SOU初のアメリカでのファッションショーが8/27(土)、1時15分よりジャパンタウンのピースプラザ・ステージで行われます!(五十の塔/ピースタワーの下ステージになります)ファッションショーではサンフランシスコ店限定のSOU・SOU×NEW PEOPLEラインが発表されます!



Monday, August 15, 2011

Black Sashiko tabi

This item is available ONLINE!

Today's customer is Sergey visiting us from Russia. He tried a few different pairs, but he decided on a pair of black Sashiko Tabi shoes.

This is a very simple tabi shoe with an appealing design, and great as the first venture into tabi shoes for anyone! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Short tabi boots

This boot is available ONLINE!

Today's customer is Agni, visiting us from Canada. She has a pair of Tabi boots back in Canada, but she was surprised to see so much variety in tabi shoes at SOU・SOU. Her choice was the short tabi boots in burgundy. Looks very chic with black outfit!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Samue Pants

Today's customer is Reginald, assistant nurse manager of Kaiser hospital (judging by his style, I thought he worked with the fashion industry...what a surprise!). He purchased our Samue pants with our Bar pattern.

Samue is originally a work cloth favored by Japanese carpenters or monks, but is normally only available in plain black or navy. This is the modernized and more exciting version of Samue!

I liked that he wore it with black tops so the pattern of the pants stands out more. Thank you for modeling, Reginald!

This pants is available ONLINE!

本日のお客様はカイザー病院の看護士さん、レジナルド様です。(てっきりファッション業界の方だと思っていました。お洒落な看護士さんもいるものです!)本日は桟柄の作務衣 下をお買い上げになりました。もともと作務衣は日本では料理人やお坊さんなどに好まれている作業着で一般的には黒や紺色が多いのですが、SOU・SOUの作務衣はもっとモダンでお洒落です。これ一枚でとても目立つ桟柄ですが上に黒のトップスを着ると引き締まりますね。今回はモデルしていただきありがとうございました!