Sunday, December 9, 2012

Staff Coodinate 2: Angie

SOU SOU Store Staff, Angie's coordinate!

Naginata round sleeve cashmere coat

Naginata round sleeve dress "chrysanthemum"

"Festival" tabi shoes

Staff Coordinate 1:Rishy

SOU・SOU San Francisco Store Staff, Rishy's coordinate!

Denim Jacket "bar" indigo dye

Gathered pants "Chain Motif"

Persimmon Denim tabi shoes

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Don't miss this chance! Black Friday Campaign

SOU SOU US will start the Black Friday Campaign during Nov 23-27th.
During this time, enjoy free shipping for over $50 purchase!
Furthermore, type in the coupon code "SOUSOU" at the check out
and receive extra 20% for the sales items!
The stock is very limited so Don't miss this chance!

*****The sales only applies to the items in stock
*****US shipping only

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Textile Design 25:Hydrangea


The petals of a newly flowering Hydrangea are white 
Gradually they change from pale to light blue.
Lastly they progress to a deep blue.
A cloud covered garden after a long spell of Japan's rainy season shimmers
with various shades of blue on every petal.
My heart is permeated by blue.

(written by Katsuji Wakisaka, Translated by Rishy)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Textile Design 24: Morning Glory

The note from Textile Designer, Katsuji Wakisaka on the textile "Morning Glory"

Summer mornings, the flowers bloom.
One day they shall wither away.
As they steadily grow their shoots burst forth,
The impression of a large flower forcefully opening up is so refreshing.
Naturally, the summer flowers inspire me.

(Written by Katsuji Wakisaka, Translated by Rishy Kashyap)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

3rd year anniversary! Special Promotion this weekend!

SOU SOU SF's 3rd Year Anniversary is this August 2012!

During August 24~26 ONLY while supplies last.

Spend over $95 (in store or online*) and received a free "Furoshiki" wrap, packed in a beautiful gift box.

*for online customers, there is no need to type in a special code; merchandise totaling over $95, not including shipping fees

"Furoshiki" is traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used either for wrapping items/gifts, as eco bags, as a table runner, or even as a scarf!

Limit one per customer; design will be picked by staff.

Supplies are limited.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Textile Design 23: Canal

Today's featured textile design is "Canal"

Taking a walk every morning through Nanzenji,
located in a small neighborhood where the canal water flows towards,
The echo of its murmur as it flows
along the road I am walking, resounds in my heart.
The villas around this area also draw from
this canal's water to make a small pond in their yards.
This Kyoto canal, made by tunneling an aqueduct from Lake Biwa
through the mountains, draws water
all the way to Kyoto
providing to Kyoto its tap water.

(Written by Katsuji Wakisaka, Translated by Angie Chen)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Textile Design 22 Smily Goldfish

Today's textile design is "Smily Goldfish"
One fond memory of a festival during my childhood days.
Crowds of people
at the spot lined with stalls
along the travel path of the Mikoshi.
There were so many exciting things;
Performances, ring toss, "Smart Ball" (pin ball),
Goldfish scooping, tortoiseshell candy, candy figures
Okonomiyaki, and the like.
I do poorly at Goldfish scooping,
and I have no memories of ever being able to scoop any up,
but it was a definite must-have at any festival.

(Written by Katsuji Wakisaka, translated by Angie Chen)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Textile Design 21 Shaved Ice

Today's textile design is "Shaved Ice"

The glistening sun.
Overcome by the heat, the humid air wraps around our bodies.
There's no escape, with not a breeze in sight.
I see a flag of shaved ice.
Ah, it flashes straight into my mind
the visions of salvation that the coolness would bring.
The flag of shaved ice is inseparably linked
with the Japanese summer,
no matter where you go in Japan.
That simple & clear image is a brilliant design
and what I believe to be a piece of Japanese culture.

(Written by Katsuji Wakisaka, translated by Angie Chen)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

SOU・SOU SF is looking for part time staff!

We are hiring! Currently, we are looking for part time staff who have passion for unique Japanese fashion, especially tabi shoes!

The ideal candidate will have:

Friendly, responsible personality and great communication skills
Ability to work 3~4days a week (including weekend days)
Organization skills and an eye for detail
Customer service experience (experience with apparel preferred)
Some knowledge of HTML, Photoshop, Illustrator
Good problem solving skills, needs minimum supervision

and the most important must love SOU・SOU products!

If you are interested in this position, please send us your resume at and please let us know which days you are available to work.

We will contact you ONLY if you meet our qualifications.
NO phone calls or walk-ins please!

Good luck!!

SOU・SOU サンフランシスコ店ではパートタイムの販売スタッフを募集中です!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Beat the Heat - Summer 2012

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well. We have new products to introduce to you today.

These new Ise cotton rectangle dresses are great for those hot summer days. With a new V neckline, it creates a gentle breezy look. These lightweight dresses are a perfect layer over a camisole and leggings or linen bottoms. We have a few prints to choose from, so check our selection to find the perfect one for you.

Speaking of linen, we have these linen maxi skirts - previously only available in a plain navy - now available in prints. Simple design, but beautiful prints & great quality linen that softens as you wear it. A nice addition to any closet and you can still wear this during the autumn, just add a pair of leggings underneath.
And for the men, we have a few new items too!

These are great alternatives to t-shirts. Made of a cotton crepe (chizimi) material, it is quite cool and comfortable. Perfect for those summer get-togethers that you never really know what to wear to.

You can wear our Kimono Sleeve tops in coordination with these shorts to create the ultimate warm-weather outfit. With the popular and limited edition "flying elephants" print by well known muralist Hideki Kimura, you just can't miss it! Design-wise, it is both functional & stylish with it's generous pocket-space and contrast color schemes.

We have plenty more new items, so be sure to check back often on here or on our Facebook page: Sou Sou Sf

Have a great day!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Father's Day 2012 Gift Recommendation

Hello everyone,

It's Father's Day this weekend! Let's get something fun for dad~

We have these new linen shorts with our ever popular "flying elephants" print by the well known muralist Hideki Kimura.

A little flashy red with contrast-color back pocket is just the little spice dad needs to beat the heat. Made of 100% linen, nothing is cooler than this.

If you live in a breezier area, we have these knit denim pants that are casually stylish. Very suitable for the minimalist dad in our lives, who will enjoy the simple but effective design of the tapered leg and single right thigh pocket.

It is a great alternative to jeans, both weather-wise and general comfort-wise!

What better than this wonderful Kimono Sleeve Shirt to pair off with our shorts?! Especially if you get dad the Denim Shorts, he can pair it off with this shirt to add that pop of color!

Style with ease and enjoy the comfort of light weight cotton crepe.

And for the days that corporate dad has work, he can whip out this great business card case. It's grey color fits in with the corporate world, but still has a hint of attitude with the Masu square print.
The bright red cord used to close it gives it that sharp feel, a necessity for every professional.

These are just a few suggestions for dad, so please do check out the rest of our web store for more (and it never hurts to buy a little something for yourself).

Until next time, enjoy the warm sun as temperatures are on the rise!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Textile Design 20: Wisteria

Today' textile design is "Wisteria"

I see a cluster of light purple between the trees.
Wild wisteria vines snaking throughout
Climbing along the trees with flowers in bloom.
I feel a strong presence from the sight of
Wisteria amongst the overlapping greenery.

(Written by Katsuji Wakisaka, translated by Angie Chen)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mother's Day 2012 Gift Recommendation

Hello everyone,
Mother's Day is fast approaching and the staff at SOU SOU SF would like to make some gift suggestions.

For the corporate-world mom in your life, how about a fashionable, but functional and sophisticated business card case made out of our ever-popular Ise Cotton!

Our whole selection can be found here:
Business Card Case @ SOU SOU SF

These can be useful for any mom, not just business mom. She can put in her credit cards, transit cards or passes, and membership cards as a light weight organizer in addition to her wallet or coin purse.

The weather is getting pleasantly warmer and warmer, so give mom a lightweight but warm layering piece. We suggest this lovely wool-cotton Flying Squirrel Capelet Deep Khaki Green - $59.90.

These beautiful capelets would do wonderfully with this

Certainly a bold statement print dress, but the free flowing silhouette - similar to our popular "rectangle" dresses - make it easy to pair with anything!

And if floral isn't what that lovely lady in your life would wear, we have some cute but chic Tabata Shibori tie dye dot dresses with the same Naginata Kimono sleeves.

And any mother can appreciate a lovely scarf that can help tie an outfit together or even transform something plain to something amazing.
One suggestion would be this

Also, for those moms who want a more neutral color palette

Our entire selection of scarves can be found here:
All Season Scarves @ SOU SOU SF

Hopefully these are good starting points for your gift brainstorming and we always appreciate photos of our happy customers, so please send them in!