Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Join us at SOU・SOU Fashion Show Aug 27th!

We are very excited to announce that our first SOU・SOU Fashion Show will be held at the Peace Plaza Stage (underneath the Peace Pagoda tower in Japantown), starting at 1:15 P.M. on Saturday, August 27th!

SOU・SOU Japan CEO and Producer/Designer, Takeyuki Wakabayashi, will join us and reveal the brand new collection of unisex clothing, exclusively designed for the SOU・SOU San Francisco store! This line will be limited to our San Francisco store and the SOU・SOU U.S. online store, something many of our stateside fans have surely been waiting for.

Besides our fashion show, the J-POP Festival will be going on all day! There will be many pop-up booths selling various crafts, street food of all sorts, and tons of live music!

Don't miss this rare chance to see Mr. Wakabayashi and the new SOU・SOU Collection!

外務省との提携によるSOU・SOU初のアメリカでのファッションショーが8/27(土)、1時15分よりジャパンタウンのピースプラザ・ステージで行われます!(五十の塔/ピースタワーの下ステージになります)ファッションショーではサンフランシスコ店限定のSOU・SOU×NEW PEOPLEラインが発表されます!



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