Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mother's day Gift Idea!

We just received a bunch of new products just in time for Mother's Day!!
Here's gift suggestions from SOU・SOU San Francisco!

Gift under $15

Ise Cotton Handkerchief/$8.00

Cotton handkerchief always come in handy, not only for wiping hands, but also for wrapping small items too! Comes in bright, vibrant patterns.
You can mix it with our cute tabi socks too!

Gift under $30

Furoshiki Tote Bag/$26.00

This is the perfect gift for an active mom. Great to take it to farmer's market, going to the gym, or keep it in her purse as an extra bag.
Comes with very durable Sanada-strap, which is hundreds of years old craftwork from Ishikawa prefecture.

Gift under $50

Ise Cotton All Season Scarf/$36.00

Any mom will love these Ise-cotton scarves that she can wear all season. Great for chilly foggy days and the cool pattern with bright color instantly spices up an outfit.

Room Slippers/$39.90

We're sure that these split-toe room slippers will make your mom smile!

Gift under $100

"Flying Squirrel"Caplet with Shibori Dots/$89.00

I'm in love with this beautiful caplet! Each dot is hand dyed using traditional Japanese tie-dye technique "shibori", by the young Japanese artisan Tabata from Kyoto.
With beautiful color and texture, this is a great gift for a stylish mom who's looking for some unique items. Comes in three different colors.

V-neck Ise-cotton Shirt/$75.00

Pretty colors and the patterned sleeve make any mom look very stylish!
Made of light-weight cotton, this is a great addition for her spring wardrobe.

Many SOU・SOU products comes in matching pattern, so you can mix and match and make your own gift set too!



伊勢木綿 手ぬぐい ひめ丈$8

伊勢木綿 小巾折 肩かけ$26

伊勢木綿のくびまき $36

スリッパ足袋 $39.90

たばた絞り むささび $89

違い袖風靡 $79.00



Thursday, April 28, 2011

Black short Boots

These boot are available ONLINE!

Today's customer is Vanessa visiting from Canada. She got a pair of short tabi boots in black, and she loved how comfortable these boots are!
We are out of sizes for these boots right now, but will get more sizes(including size 27) this weekend!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Family Crest


This shoes is available ONLINE!

Today's customer is Desil visiting from Paris. He got a pair of tabi shoes with Family Crest pattern. This adds the great accent to his all black ensemble!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Textile Design 9:Marbles

Today's featured textile design is "Ohajiki(marble)". One of the staple SOU・SOU Pattern, used for our scarf, tenugui towel,andclothing too.

The "Ohajiki" (marble) pattern is a very cute design in general, but when you make each marble bigger,
it creates an easy-going mood. How this pattern came to be so relaxing is a mystery.

(written by Katsuji Wakisaka, translated by Chinatsu)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fishermans pants

This item is available ONLINE.

*this item is currently sold out, we will receive more in may.

Today's customer is Benjamin, who modeled our tabi shoes on the previous post.
This time he purchased a pair of Fishermans' pants to go with his tabi shoes. The pants looks really good with his tops and tabi shoes, creating a modern, simple kimono look!
These pants are made of our staple Ise cotton from Mie Prefecture. They are woven slowly with the traditional machine, as only one roll (about 40 feet) can be made each day, creating the unique feel of this textile. The Fishermans' pants are great for both lounging at home and for going out!



Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Burgundy Short Tabi boots

These boots are available ONLINE!

Today's customer is Jane, visiting from Michigan. She chose the pair of burgundy tabi boots. She told us how her art teacher wiil be very excited to see these shoes, since she collects all kind of shoes from all over the world.
Not only the tabi shoes look unique, they are also very comfortable shoes too! I hope she's enjoying her boots!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Black sashiko shoes

This style is available ONLINE!

Today's customer is Mauricio from Mexico city, who picked up our black sashiko shoes.
Sashiko is traditional stitching techinique often used for judo or karate robes, so it make the fabric durable and strong. I hope he'll enjoy these shoes for years!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Textile Design 8:Bar

Today's featured textile design is "Bar"("san"), used for recent hit products like Kimono Slv shirt, Fishermans pants, and Scarf.

Old japanese houses used to have Shoji paper screen window and window panel, made with a refined sense.
I think the aesthetic of the master carpenter was reflected on these designs at the time.
So I expressed the alternating style of the crossing window panel bars with this design.



(written by Katsuji Wakisaka, translated by Rodorigo)

Monday, April 11, 2011

White Chrysanthemum

This item is available ONLINE!

Today's customer is Dania. She got the tabi shoes with White Chrysanthemum Pattern.
Very cute, especially great for coming spring!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

ABC Pre school Charity Concert

Last weekend, my friends who's the teacher at ABC pre-school invited me for the charity concert they organized.
to raise fund for the earthquake victims.
The concert started with Forest Choir Play.

Great taiko performance by Pre school teachers. It was very powerful performance and full of energy! Couldn't believe they are not professional taiko player.

In the last, pre-school kids sung well known japanese songs. They had less than a week to practice for this event, but they must have practiced a lot, their performance was great.
As everyone else, I am one of those who was devastated by this sad news, but I was also touched by the fact so many people around me is doing their best they can to help people cross the sea, even little kids..Great job, everyone!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cherry Blossom Festival Special!

Annual Cherry Blossom Festival is coming to Japantown this weekend!
We'll have special promotion during the festival, April 9,10 and April 16.17.
Spend more than $50, and you will receive the free pair of our popular tabi socks!
Also we received more new scarves and new clothing too, so don't forget to stop by our store during the fes!

*The promotion is valid for store purchase only
*One socks per customer
*Socks are pre-selected and may differ from photo.(retail value $10)




Saturday, April 2, 2011

Flying Elephant Tabi

This item is available ONLINE!

Today's customer is Asuka, the store manager of Gothic Lolita Boutique, Black Peace Now.
She already owns so many tabi shoes from us, but when she saw these golden tabi, she couldn't resist!
This one is called the "Flying Elephant" because it uses the same named print by Hideki Kimura, a Japanese muralist from Kyoto.
Great tabi shoes to spice up a black and grey ensemble!

本日のお客様はBlack Peace Now サンフランシスコ店の店長、あすかさんです。
この足袋には京都の画家、木村英輝 の壁画’Flying Elephant"のプリントが使われています。