Thursday, April 1, 2010

White (and purple) short boots

Today's customer is Lou, son of Viz Picture's PR and HR guru Beth. Enjoying a day off from school, he came in with Beth (a SOU・SOU wearer herself) and his brother Sam. Lou chose the short boots in white, a nice tone for Spring and Summer.
今日のお客様は、VIZ PICTURESのPRと人事担当のベスさんのご子息、ルーさんです。学校の春休みにベスさん(彼女もSOU・SOUを履いています!)と兄弟のサムさんと一緒にやってきました。ルーさんは白の自力マジック足袋を選ばれました。春と夏の装いにぴったりです。


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  1. Im looking for this stuff.. huh..its too hard to find it.. btw can i but those items via online?
    and found that u are partner with right. anyway, u have this item ??