Friday, April 16, 2010

SOU・SOU Fashion Event

On the day of the Cherry Blossom Festival SOU・SOU held a fashion show event along with Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and Black Peace Now.
Our regular customer, Brittnee and her 2 year old son Bryce modeled our newly received
clothing line. Look how elegant Brittnee looks wearing the new SOU・SOU kimono sleeve dress and matching pattern tabi shoes!
桜祭りの開催日、SOU・SOUはBaby, the stars shine brightと、Black Peace Nowと一緒にファッションショーイベントを行いました。SOU・SOUの常連客、ブリットニーさんと2歳の息子さん、ブライス君がモデルを務めてくれました。ブリットニーさんは新着商品の小袖ワンピースとお揃い柄の地下足袋を着用。とてもよくお似合いです!

By 1:30 the gallery was already packed.

Bryce seemed little bit nervous. This was his first time joining a fashion show!

We did the little bit of trivia quiz about the history of tabi shoes. It was so much fun and we were surprised some of the audience's knowledge about the tabi shoes.
But Bryce was the one who stole the show, waving hands to everyone and entertaining the audience!

He is so happy when he's cuddling his mom. Look at his smile!
Thank you for everyone who came to the show despite the weather,
and Thank you so much, Brittnee and Bryce!


Brittnee is wearing:Kimono sleeve muslin wool dress with the chrysanthemum pattern, Ise cotton scarf, Tabi shoes with the chrysanthemum pattern.
Bryce is wearing:Ise Cotton Kids yukata set and the flip flops with the waterflow pattern
         伊勢木綿くびまき 菊柄貼付地下足袋

ブライス着用:伊勢木綿 身のごい 布草履 流水紋

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  1. That was such a fun day! Bryce is now 9. I still wear my tabi shoes. They have held up great over the year's.