Saturday, June 19, 2010

Flora Grubb

This weekend, we had a short bike trip to the Potrero Hill SOU・SOU
shoes of course!

The place we headed to was Flora Grubb,an amazing gardening store/cafe located near the Bayview neighborhood.
向かったのはベイベュー近くにあるガーデニングストア兼カフェのFlora Grubb.

The great thing about this store is that they have a Ritual Coffee stand (a Mission district favorite) so you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the garden. (Unfortunately the coffee bar closes at 3:00pm.)
このお店にはミッション地区で大人気のRitual Coffeeのスタンドがあるので、外の庭でコーヒーを飲むことができます。(残念ながらカフェは3時閉店でした)

You get gardening inspiration too (check out this display of moss and succulents draped over an old bicycle).I wish I lived in the house with the garden!

We loved this colorful wall of garden chairs.

After riding through the Potrero hill area, we safely made it back home to the Mission. (Phew! It was kinda scary to bike through the the highway.) On the way home, we found this really cool van decorated with stickers.

Anyone who's interested in gardening or simply looking for house plants should check out Flora Grubb!

Flora Grubb Gardens
1634 Jerrold Ave
(between 3rd St & Newhall St)
San Francisco, CA 94124
(415) 648-2670

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