Saturday, June 26, 2010

Guest from Kyoto

We had a guest visiting from Kyoto, Japan. Mr.matsumoto is the architect who worked for Mr.Hisanobu Tsujimura, one of the founding designers of SOU・SOU Japan. Mr. Tanaka has been traveling to see monumental architectures all over the world. (Nice!) For 6 months now!

On his first day in San Francisco, we visited San Francisco Museum of Modern Art,and had a cup of coffee, San Franciscan's favorite -- Blue Bottle Coffee, located on the roof top garden. He loved their coffee. Yay! San Francisco coffee was approved by coffee snob Kyoto-nian!

In front of the Jewish Art Museum. Amazing architecture by Daniel Libeskind.
Daniel Libeskindがデザインしたジューイッシュ美術館の前にて。

We had oysters and a few drinks afterwards at
Woodhouse fish
. They are doing $1 oyster special every tuesday! Yum!
Woodhouse fishにてオイスターとビールを。ここでは毎週火曜日オイスターが1ドルなのです。おいしかったです!

On the 3rd day, we had a good bowl of Pho and vietnamese Salad at the Vietnamese restaurant in the Tenderloin area. (which I always forget the name).
He looked very happy to dig into something else after having hamburgers and fries for weeks.
We had a lot of fun talking about his travel experience and his work!
I'm looking forward to seeing him in Kyoto soon, (And I really hope he eats
something other than hamburgers for the rest of travel in US!)
Enjoy the rest of your adventure, Matsumoto san!

You can see the architecture photos from his travel here.

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