Friday, January 28, 2011

Textile Design 1: So-Su-U

We often are asked about the inspirations and thoughts behind our textiles, and now we can tell you straight from the source himself! We are excited to announce a new blog series: the notes behind our textile designs written by SOU・SOU's textile designer, Katsuji Wakisaka. For each design, Wakisaka explains his intentions and inspirations.

The first textile we want to introduce is SO-SU-U (Numbers), since this pattern is used for so many SOU・SOU products (even our store wall has this pattern stenciled on it) and is one of our most popular and recognizable patterns.

Here are the notes from Mr. Wakisaka...

Arabian numbers that are used worldwide are very simple, and transcend nationality, gender and age.

They are very well designed symbols and are even cute as shapes.
The challenge I experienced with this textile was since these are symbols you see everywhere, how I could transform them into an attractive form?


More to come!




(written by Katsuji Wakisaka, translated by Chinatsu and Bryna)

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