Saturday, September 18, 2010

Detroit Metal City Premiere!

Yay! My recent favorite, the japanese movie "Detroit Metal City" is finally coming to SF!
The story is about a sweet and shy indie-rock loving boy named Negishi (played by Kenichi Matsuyama who played L in Death Note series) who got abducted by an evil music productions' manager and transformed to be the vocalist for a devil worshipping death metal band "Detroit Metal City". Against his will, DMC rapidly rises to stardom and even the legendary king of death metal Jack Il Dark (Played by Gene Simmons!!!) himself is challenging DMC to a duel.
The movie is so hilarious, and I loved the all characters in the movie! I highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves music - especially for those KISS fans out there!!

The movies opens Sep 18, Sat at VIZ CINEMA.

Check out the schedule here !

渋谷系のバンドを目指すシャイで優しい根岸君が、なぜか突然音楽プロデューサーに拉致され悪魔崇拝のデスメタルバンド、"Detoroit Metal City"のボーカリストになることに!DMCは大人気バンドとなり、ついには伝説のデスメタルバンドキング・ジャック・ダーク(なんと演じるのはKISSのジーンシモンズ!)と対決!
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