Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cute Pair

Today's customers are Haozhou and Fei, visiting from Oregon. Haozhou got a pair of tabi shoes with the "Radish flower" pattern and Fei got a pair of alabaster pattern in navy. It is very inspiring to see men wearing flower patterns, and I love how they are wearing the shoes with shorts. Their outfits complement each other in a very cute way!
本日のお客様はオレゴン州からお越しのHaozho様とFei様です。Haozhou 様はすずしろ柄の先割地下足袋を、Fei様はゆきはな柄の地下足袋をお買い上げになりました。男性が花柄にチャレンジしているのは見ていてとても楽しいですし、ショーツと足袋をあわせているのも

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