Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Here's list of the items we recommend for this coming holiday season!

Gift under $15
Ise Cotton Business Card Case $14.95

It's hard to go wrong with something so useful! Comes in different patterns to suit anyone's personality. Can be used for business cards, or as a mini wallet. Great gift for a co-worker or business associate!

伊勢木綿 名刺入れ

Gift under $50
Ise Cotton All Season Scarf $36

Everyone can use a great scarf. Our Ise cotton scarves come in many patterns and colors, are washable, and make a better gift than a light-up Christmas sweater!
50ドル以下のギフトをお探しの方に 伊勢木綿のくびまき

Gift under $80
Le Coq Sportif Long Sleeve T-Shirt with Bicycle Print $59.90

It's pretty common for guys to receive all undies, shirts, and socks as gifts, right? So shake things up this year with these warm 100% cotton t-shirts.
80ドル以下のギフトをお探しの方に Le Coq Sportifのちゃりんちゃりん長袖Tシャツ

Gift under $100

Black Sashiko Round-Toe Tabi $95

Got a picky sneaker addict or sartorialist on your list? A simple, textured, black shoe will wow them for sure!
100ドル以下のギフトをお探しの方に さしこ 黒 先丸地下足袋
(Bryna, chinatsu)

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