Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meet SOU・SOU Mom!

Meet Chinatsu, (we share the same name) the store manager of Warabegi/SOU・SOU Kids Clothing store (and she also sometimes design them, too) and her youngest son, Hanabusa, only nine months old!
Chinatsu is the mother of three kids and she raised all of them while working at SOU・SOU, helping customers and carrying her baby on her back! What a tough mom!
It's amazing she never ever forgets to smile even though she must be super tired carrying a baby all the time.


Her daughter Hatsune and Haruka, also help SOU・SOU store as the models.
Growing up already wearing SOU・SOU baby clothing, they are the perfect models!


Here's Mr.Tokuji, the father of three kids. He also manages SOU・SOU Men's clothing
section and also works as a model for the online store.

Hanabusa is used to being surrounded by customers, because even though so many people were peeking at his face, he was asleep the entire time.
Looking forwards to see him working at SOU・SOU Store soon!

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