Friday, May 28, 2010

Curry Udon!!

There are so many good japanese restaurants in San Francisco, but as far as i know, Chaya is the only japanese restaurant where all the menu items are vegan.
I am not a vegetarian, but this is a great place when you are in the mood for healthy food and kansai-style light flavored japanese food.

My favorite is their Curry Udon, udon noodles that come in curry flavored soup with
a lot of veggies. They use the soup made out of vegetables and dried shitake, instead of bonitos and they use the vegan curry powder. Their soup is so good I almost can't believe it's vegan! It's the perfect food for chilly rainy days and it's also very healthy!

Chaya vegetarian japanese restaurant
762 Valencia st.
San Francisco, 94110


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