Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Best use for Tenugui towel

SOU・SOU carries a variety of tenugui towels in very beautiful patterns. Tenuguis are the traditional japanese hand towel, but I think many people are not too sure what they are supposed to do with them.
Well, here's an amazing example of what you can do with it!
Asuka, the store manager of BPN stitched 3 tenugui towels together and hung them on the stick she found at the hardware store, and voila! They became really nice japanese"noren"style room divider.
You can do many things with tenugui towels, like wrapping a bottle of wine or wrapping your lunch box.
Thank you very much for sharing the picture, Asuka!
本日ご紹介するお客様はBPN storeのマネージャー、あすか様です。3枚の手ぬぐいをミシンで縫った後に棒を通して見事のれんに仕立てあげられました!

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