Sunday, May 30, 2010

SOU・SOU Products for Kimono!

Tomorrow, May 30th is the Japantown Kimono day! If you come to Japantown in kimono,you will receive the special discounts or small gifts at the participating restaurants or stores including 10% discount on all items(excluding sales items)at SOU・SOU!
Here are some SOU・SOU products that look great with your special kimono.

The wallet the come with the leather strap. Great size for carrying the wallet, cellphone, and other small items.

A pair of flip flops with cute green bubble pattern. Perfect pair for summer yukata!

Zori sandals made of paddy straw and recycled bicycle tire. Each pair is handmade by a dedicated craftsman who is still producing these high quality zori sandals at the age of 84. They are very comfortable!


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