Monday, August 2, 2010

DJ Bryna

Last Friday, I got to DJ at the Casanova Lounge in the Mission District. My fiance Joe and I started collecting records a few months ago, so DJing became a way to play all of the records we find.
先週の金曜日、ミッション地区のバーCasanova LoungeでDJをやりました!婚約者のジョーと私は数ヶ月前からレコードを集め始めたので、そのレコードコレクションを活用するいいチャンスです。

It got pretty crowded! People kept asking me and Joe to get them drinks. Sorry, not our job! I did have someone complement my Le Coq Sportif x SOU SOU shirt!
私たちはバーテンダーではないのですが。。この日着ていたLe Coq SportifとSOU・SOUのボーダーTシャツをお客さんにほめられました!

Not sure which record I was holding here. We played some 70's rock and then 80's hits. Earlier that day, I found a T.Rex EP at Amoeba with one of my all-time favorite songs, "Metal Guru". That's why DJing is so fun; you get to find great music and play it for everyone to hear.
この日、アメーバレコードで私がずっと大好きな歌"Metal Guru"が入ったT REXのEPを見つけました。


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