Friday, August 13, 2010

Mission Pie

I wasn't huge fan of pies in general, till i found this place...Mission Pie! I am so addicted to their delicious pies and now I have to go there every weekend!
もともとパイはそれほど好きな訳ではなかったのですが、最近MISSION PIEのパイに出会ってからは、パイ中毒で毎週末食べに行ってしまいます。

They serve more than 10 different kinds pies every day, from the desert pies to the savory kind pies.
MISSION PIEでは毎日10種類以上のパイが用意されています。デザートパイからおかず系のパイまで。

They also serve the scones and muffins fresh out of oven.Today's special was tomato galette.

It is hard to just pick one, but I always ends up getting the mixed berry pie with
whip cream. They are not too sweet nor too sour, just perfect!
If you have a chance to stop by Mission area, don't forget to stop by there!

Mission Pie
2901 Mission st(+25th st)
San Francisco, CA 94110


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