Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Father's day Gift Idea!

Father's day is coming up, and what better way to treat your dad than by giving him a taste of Sou-Sou's playful, yet refined designs in our following items! From checkered squares to number patterns to floral patterns reminiscent of Marimekko, every Sou-Sou product is available in numerous styles, one perfect for every father out there!

Business Card Case:

Made of Japanese Ise Cotton, this business card holder keeps your precious contacts' cards safe in its soft casing while bringing an elegant look to the table. Fastens close using the same metal tabs that close tabi boot shoes.

伊勢木綿 名刺いれ

Bike beanie:

The latest item in our Sou-Sou x Le Coq Sportif collection, we proudly present our knit beanie. It is sure to keep your head warm through both cold weather and your everyday bike ride.

SOU・SOUとLe Coq Sportifのコラボレーションの最新商品です。寒い季節にも、自転車に乗っている時もこれで暖かさをキープ。

All season scarf Ise Cotton:

Known for its amazingly soft texture, Ise Cotton appears once again in our All-Season Scarves! Made with starch to strengthen the fabric, it gets softer and softer with each use and wash! Just thin enough for warmer seasons but functional for cold winters, you will feel great with this scarf wrapped around you!


Slip-on Tabi shoes:

Most Tabi shoes take a good minute to snap into place. These Tabi do you one better by being at the ready for your feet when you need to be on the go, without sacrificing the comfort and close feel to the ground that Tabi give you.



The perfect accent for Dad's coat, these Ise Cotton handkerchiefs bring tradition back in style. With various designs ranging from monochrome to more floral, it shouldn't be hard to find the perfect one for Daddy dearest.


(Written by Rodrigo)

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