Friday, November 5, 2010

SOU・SOU Staff Bio: Tamami

Hello, my name is Tamami and I am a sales associate at SOU SOU San Francisco.
I came to the U.S in 1991, but am originally from Shizuoka, Japan.

My favorite things are: sumi-e painting (Japanese india-ink drawing), martial arts training, graphic arts, and reading.

I've been practicing sumi-e painting very seriously under my teacher who lives in Japan. Because I love the beauty of sumi-e painting and wish to share it with others, I am training to acquire a license to teach.
In the future, I hope that I will be able to teach and represent a Japanese traditional art in the U.S.

At work, it is a joy to be involved with both a Japanese traditional art and Modern design. SOU SOU's aesthetic refines and harmonizes these concepts beautifully.
I am very glad to meet SOU SOU design.





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