Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Concert!

This last Saturday, my brother and his band The Bloodtypes came to Oakland (from Portland, OR) to play a show. This was the first time I had seen his band play and they didn't disappoint!

The Bloodtypes play punk/rock/garage music, and they don't skimp on the fake blood (perfect for Halloween).

There's my bro! He plays guitar. At one point, there was so much fake blood on stage, he slipped and fell backwards, but kept playing! Such a pro.

The venue they played is called the Command Center, and is a live/work space in an old warehouse. I felt kind of sorry for the dog, Orbit! He didn't look too happy, and even tried to get on stage once or twice!

Five or six other bands also played that night, and the place really filled up.

Everyone was decked out in really cool costumes; this zombie Bob Ross and canvas costume was my favorite!

I left at 12:30am and the party was still going strong, whew! I'm such an old lady!

Maybe next time I'll stay until the end.


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