Thursday, August 18, 2011

Samue Pants2

Today's customer is Kaoru, He is a professional Taiko/Japanese flute musician. He was looking for something that was both comfortable and suited his Japanese music style. He tried on our Kimono sleeve tops and Samue pants, and it worked out perfectly!
This look is reminiscent of Kimono, but is definitely more modern and easy to wear. Since he also collaborates with jazz musician or contemporary musician too, SOU SOU clothing, another mix of modern and traditional design, will be a great match for his perfomance.

He also tried the pants with our Le Coq Sportif bicycle t-shirt, which looked stylish as well.

You can check out about Kaoru's performance information here.

This pant is available ONLINE!

本日お買い上げいただいたのは作務衣と風靡上。日本の着物ルックですが、着物よりも断然動きやすく、パフォーマンスに向いているかと思います。一緒にご試着されたLe coq sportifのチャリンチャリンTシャツもとてもお似合いでした!

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