Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bazaar Bizarre at New People tomorrow!!

The Bazaar Bizarre is coming to New People tomorrow!
The Bazaar Bizarre is the most fun and progressive DIY+craft fair in U.S and I'm so excited to see all the cool artists here.
I will try not to splurge, but I know it'll be hard cause there will be so many cute, original accessories and handmade stationaries and cupcakes and plush toys....
Bazaar Bizarre will be at New People building from 10am to 8pm, and there'll be the opening reception party at the Super Frog Gallery from 5 to 8. Everybody is welcome to the party! Please RSVP here.

明日はBazaar BizarreがNew Peopleにやって来ます!!
Bazaar Bizarreはアメリカ中で最も楽しい手作り市で、どんな出展者の人が来るのか今からとても楽しみです。可愛い手作りのアクセサリーに、ステーショナリーにカップケーキにぬいぐるみと、なんだか散財してしまいそうです。。
Bazaar Bizarreは10時〜8時開催、その後5時から8時までSuper Frog Galleryにて新しい展示New People Collectionのレセプションパーティーが行われます。パーティーにはどなたでも参加できますので、こちらでご予約を!

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