Monday, February 15, 2010

Shopping at Bazaar Bizarre

The Bazaar Bizarre, the coolest craft fair came to New People building yesterday!
昨日手作り市のバザール・ビザールがNew Peopleビル内で開催されました!

Sora Designs makes loveley jewelry made out of the vintage buttons and beads. I wanted to buy everything from her!
ヴィンテージのボタンやビーズで素敵なジュエリーを作るSora Designさん。お店まるごと買い占めたかったです。。

I couldn't resist buying these. This necklace and hair pins are just too cute!

The chai flavored cup cake from Cynically Delicious
Cynically Deliciousのチャイティー味のカップケーキ。

Sweet Meats sells the plush toys in the shape of bacon and ham.
They do gift wrapping with the real butcher paper!
Sweet Meatsさんのテーブルにはベーコンやハムの形をしたぬいぐるみが。

Wool stuffed animals from Wool Buddy. Adorable!
Wool Buddyさんのフェルトのぬいぐるみも可愛かったです。

I was so excited to see all these talented artists who makes the unique, original and high quality products! I hope they come back soon.

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