Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Confetti Pattern

Saru, the very first customer who appeared on this blog, came back! He got our Ise cotton scarf with Confetti Pattern this time.
He looks so cute mixing the outfits from Alice and Pirateswith our scarf!
Saru is working at the Baby, Stars Shine Bright and he is also an aspiring model.
You can take a look at his portfolio here.

Saru is wearing:
Ise cotton scarf(Confetti Pattern)
Sashiko+Cherry blossom pattern tabi shoes

くびまきがAlice and Piratesのお洋服ととてもマッチしてますね!
サル君は現在Baby, Stars Shine Brightの店員でもあり、駆け出しのモデルさんでもあります。

貼付棟梁地下足袋 文様あそび×さしこ
伊勢木綿くびまき 紙吹雪

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