Monday, February 1, 2010

Sou Sou Employee Bio: Chinatsu

Hi, My name is Chinatsu and I am the store manager of SOU・SOU San Francisco.
I am from Kobe, Japan and moved to San Francisco 10 years ago. On my days off, I like checking out the art shows, movies,finding new bakery, and taking polaroid pictures.
I've been wearing my SOU・SOU shoes for 2years now and I find them the most comfortable shoes ever.
( I already own 4pairs..and thinking getting another one soon :) )
Please say hi if you see me at the store!
By the way, we had the very special guest yesterday...Totoro!

こんにちは。SOU・SOU San Francisco店マネージャーの千夏です。



  1. dear Chinatsu, I am an artist from Budapest, Hungary and I fell in love with your Tabi shoes. I have chosen some, that I would really love to have, and I am wondering if you could ship it to my country. I have some friends from SF, but they live in Budapest and only go to the US in August. I can not wait so long.... Can you help me?I would be sooooo happy! Please contact me on my e-mail address: Thank you in advance, greetings from Hungary,
    Zsófia Váradi

  2. Rumor has it that you are seeking to own one of my Tea Ceremony Bowls. Since I do not sell then to Kotaroh I can sell one to you. You must make an appointment to view and select the bowl you desire. You can write to me at and we can discuss it further over the phone.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon Chinatsu!

    Richard Wooster II