Saturday, February 27, 2010

Exhibition of Gina M. Contreras

I went to the Adobe bookshop in Mission area to check out the exhibition of my old co worker, Gina.
ミッション地区にある古本屋、Adobe bookshop内のギャラリーにて元同僚のGinaの絵の展覧会があったので行ってきました。

Inside the bookstore. You can catch the cat sleeping on the couch sometimes.

Inside the gallery, which is located in the backroom of the store.

Two old ladies embracing each other.

What a great expression!

Beautiful color palette of beige and mutes pastels.
Somehow this exhibition reminded me a a lot about my grand parents who lives in Japan. This is one of the best art show
I saw so far, and I am really looking forwards to see more of her artwork.

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